Westschweiz und Wallis

Traditional and authentic Swiss Cuisine

The following Swiss dishes are a culinary journey across Switzerland to taste the genuine and sumptuous regional Swiss dishes. Come and enjoy one of these unique Swiss specialties Alfredo have selected and created for you.

Westschweiz and Wallis

Cheese Fondue, Raclette which are today very popular worldwide are typical Swiss Mountain Cheese Dishes. The Walliserteller and the Käseplate (assorted cured meat and cheese platter), Croûte au Fromage or Chäs Schnitte. The Walliser-Bleu (stuffed cheese steak valaisanne) or the Saftplätzli or Bifteck de Bœuf à la Bière (pork steak or beef steak cooked in beer) are dishes from the Westschweiz and Wallis / Valais.

Fish dishes are very popular on the Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Biel areas, especially Fischknusperli or Poisson en Batteuse à la Bière (Fish & Chips) baked from Fish Filet in beer dough batter.  

Chäs Schnitte 
in white wine-soaked bread, ham, tomatoes and mountain cheese gratinated and 
garnished with pickles and pearl onions without ham
Php 390.00 / Vegetarian Php 330.00

Käse Platte (Vegetarian)
different swiss cheeses: gruyere, tilsiter, appenzeller, emmentaler and raclette cheese, pickled onions, pickles, tomatoes, butter and home baked bread

smallPhp 690.00
regularPhp 890.00
largePhp 1090.00

Walliser Platte
cured meats like dry beef, bacon, ham and cheese, pickled vegi’s, butter and home baked bread
smallPhp 590.00
regularPhp 790.00
largePhp 990.00

pan fried and with cheese overbaked pork loin, stuffed with cheese, 
bacon, onion and herbs, served with potato slices, mix salad leaf’s, topped with vegetables

regularPhp 690.00
largePhp 990.00

with onion, bacon in beer braised pork loin steaks, served on a bed of potato slices
Php 590.00

Fischknusperli / Fish & Chips
in beer dough fried fish filets, sauce tartar, potato, onion rings
Php 390.00

Fondue (Vegetarian)

cheese fondue is made from swiss mountain cheese, garlic, onions, kirsch, herbs and is served with bread and mixed vegetables

300g Php 1490.00
400gPhp 1990.00

Raclette (Vegetarian)

Raclette is a dish, based on heating the cheese and scraping off the melted part, which is served with one potato, pikelet onions  and pickles

Php 490.00/portion

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