German Cuisine Deutsche Küche

Traditional and authentic German Cuisine

Deutsche Küche German Cuisine 

The Cuisine of Germany has evolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social and political change with variations from region to region. 

At Da Alfredo’s Swiss Italian German Restaurant Malapascua, we offer a choice typical German dishes including few Vegetarian German dishes which Alfredo selected and created for you.

German Cuisine are substantial Soups like the Goulash Suppe and Stews like Goulash, Zigeunerschnitzel and Schnitzel Stroganoff and Pork dishes like Schweinshaxen. A long tradition of Sausage making exists in Germany. Among the most popular and most common is the Bratwurst, the Wiener (Viennese).

In the mid-17th century the Potato was introduced, soon gained popularity and was integrated in the local German Cuisine. Many new recipes were developed such as Spätzle, Schupfnudeln, Potato Salad and Home Fries or so called Pommes Frites.

Tomaten Salat mit Zwiebeln 
tomatoes, onions, wine vinegar vinaigrette with bred

smallPhp 190.00
regularPhp 290.00

Ultimatives Schnitzelbrot
house bread topped with green leaf’s, breaded schnitzel, 
sauerkraut, roasted onions, roasted bacon, grated cheese 
Php 390.00

Vegetarian Php 330.00

pork roast topped with a wine onion sauce, served with mash potatoes or with spätzle and broccoli

smallPhP 490.00
regularPhp 590.00

Goulash Suppe
stewed beef soup with onions, bell peppers and potatoes, served with bread
smallPhp 390.00
regularPhp 490.00

Spätzle Pfanne (Vegetarian)
in butter roasted spaetzle with different vegetables and mushrooms
smallPhp 290.00
regularPhp 390.00

Bratwurst mit Kartoffelsalat
boiled or grilled pork sausage, with potato salad 
Php 390.00

beef stewed with onions bell peppers and chili, served with spaetzle or knödel
smallPhp 490.00
regularPhp 590.00

Schweinshaxe / Eisbein
cured pork knuckle, mustard, served with potato salad or spaetzle 

Php 190.00/100g

Fitness Teller
grilled aged porkloin steak with mixed salad served with french fries
Vegetarian dish with grillrd Zucchini and Eggplant
smallPhp 390.00 / 350.00
regularPhp 490.00 / 450.00
largePhp 590.00 / 550.00

Schnitzel Pommes Frittes
pan fried breaded porkloin steaks served with french fries or as Vegetarian dish with breaded Zucchini and Eggplants
smallPhp 490.00 / 450.00
regularPhp 590.00 / 550.00
largePhp 690.00 / 650.00

Schnitzel Stroganoff
in wine, mushroom and cream braised porkloin with spaetzle or knödel
Php 590.00 

pan roasted porkloin on a bell pepper mushroom sauce with spaetzle
Php 590.00

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