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Authentic Regional Traditional Swiss Cuisine

Why to eat at Da Alfredo's Traditional Swiss Specialties

Alfredo is the son of an Italian mother and Swiss father and his heart beats for both countries. Since early age his mother has shown Alfredo how to cook tasty healthy food, but more important she had taught Alfredo how to cook food with love and care. This hobby became later a passion and this passion he brought with joy to the Philippines to the Swiss Italian Restaurant in Cordova Cebu and now to Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant in Malapasqua which will continues this heritage, by preparing all dishes, delightfully in front of the guests “front cooking”, with love and great dedication!

Schwiizer Chuchi / Regional Swiss Cuisine

A culinary journey across the Swiss Regions

At the Swiss Italian German Restaurant Malapascua we offer all the mentioned Swiss Dishes as well as more than 10 Vegetarian Swiss Dishes, the offered dishes are a real culinary journey across the Swiss Regions.

Come and taste the genuine and sumptuous Regional Swiss Cuisine enjoying these unique Regional Swiss Dishes Alfredo has selected and created for you.

Switzerland was historically a country of farmers, so traditional, Regional Swiss Dishes are made from simple ingredients, such as Potatoes, Cheese and Meat. Gruyere, Raclette, Vacherin, Emmental, Appenzeller and Tilsiter, are the most famous Swiss Cheeses.

The most popular Swiss French and the dishes from Valais are prepared mostly with Swiss Cheese, like the Cheese Fondue, the Raclette as well as the Cordon-Bleu. But there are also other dishes like the Bifteck de Bœuf à la Bière (Saftplätzli) and Poisson en batteuse à la bière (Fischknusperli) just to mention few of them.

The Northwest and Northeast of Switzerland offer a large variety of Meat Dishes like the “Swiss National Dish”, the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (thin strips of “Veal” or lean “Porkloin” strips braised with Mushrooms and Cream) served with Rösti or the Sennenrösti a Berner Rösti (with bacon and onions) topped with a grilled porkloin steak, tomatoes and apple then over-backed with swiss mountain cheese or Rindsrouladen (with bacon, gruyere, onions, pickles and bell pepper stuffed beef fillet) served with Rösti. Rösti is a popular Swiss Potato Dish that is eaten all over Switzerland.

The Swiss Italian Cuisine or the Cuisine from Ticino is particularly known for Ossobuco con Polenta or Risotto, Involtini con Fusilli (Pasta) or Risotto ai Funghi, as well as for Pasta, Pizza and grilled Meat like Filetto di Manzo alla Griglia (Tenderloin) and Entrecôte (Sirloin or Ribeye) and the Costine di Maiale alla Griglia (Spareribs), served with Herbed Butter, Potato Wedges, Salad Leaves topped with Chery Tomatoes and Onions.

So come at the Swiss Italian German Restaurant Malapascua and explore our Regional Swiss Dishes and if you have questions, just ask Alfredo or Precila, they are proud to explain you more about the Swiss Regional Cuisine. If you have a special wish, let us know and if we can we will prepare it for you.