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Malapascua Legend Water Sports and Resort

Filipino Chinese Restaurant

Philippine cuisine is influenced principally by China, Spain and the pre-colonial indigenous Filipino cooking practices. When restaurants were established in the 19th century, Chinese food became a staple of the “Pansiterias”, with the food given Spanish names. The "comida China" (Chinese food) includes “Arroz Caldo” (rice and chicken gruel), and “Morisqueta” tostada (fried rice). When the Spaniards came, the food influences they brought were from both Spain and Mexico, as it was through the vice-royalty of Mexico that the Philippines were governed.

But Philippine cuisine is most characterized by the Filipino way of eating, salo-salo or through food sharing or communal eating which begins with the wonderful pronouncement of “Kainan na!” (Let’s eat!)

Shabu Shabu Restaurant

Hotpot or Shabu Shabu is a Japanese, Chinese or Korean dish featuring thinly sliced meat, fish, seafood, chicken and vegetables boiled in broth directly on the table, served with dipping sauces.

At the Malapascua Legend HotPot / Shabu Shabu Restaurant we serve you thinly sliced aged Tenderloin Beef, aged Porkloin, Salmon, Cream Dory, Calamari’s, Shrimps, Prawns, Clams and Crabstick, served with Tofu, different organic Vegetables, including Shiitake Mushrooms and Enokitake Mushrooms, as well as Rice Noodles.

Come and try our HotPot / Shabu-Shabu, we are sure you will like it!

Swiss Italian German Restaurant
(will be open in September 2019)

At Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant in Malapascua, we offer a wide range of traditional Swiss, German and authentic Italian Specialties which are prepared with the best available and freshest ingredients with great dedication and love. Most of us realized that love and great passion are the best ingredients for a delicious meal and everybody knows that eating and drinking is one of the most important things life offers.

If you visit Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant in Malapascua with your family or friends, we will be delighted to offer you breakfast, an enjoyable snacks, lunch and dinner and as mentioned above, we attach great importance to freshness quality.

Beergarden Legend Brewery
(will be open in September / October 2019)

At the Beergarden Legend Brewery we will serve freshly brewed beer and typical German dishes and snacks.