Italian Panini Sandwiches

Traditional and authentic Italian Panini Sandwiches

Italian Panini Sandwiches are open or covered stuffed bread

Although people do not live from bread alone, in Italy people live particularly well from bread, because they like to cover or stuff it with salami, ham, bacon, cheese, vegetables, green leafs, pickles and other delicious ingredients.

At the Swiss Italian German Restaurant Malapascua, Alfredo created an outstanding open and covered panini sandwiches with ham, salami, bacon, prosciutto di parma, cheese, different green leafs, rucola and in vinegar or extra virgin olive oil marinated vegetables.

Panino al Formaggio Cheese Sandwich (Vegetarian)
house bread topped with italian cheese, leaf’s, vegetables and pickles
Php 290.00

Panino Prosciutto e Formaggio Ham & Cheese Sandwich
house bread topped with ham, italian cheese, leaf’s, vegetables, pickles
Php 310.00

Panino Prosciutto & Mozzarella
house bread topped with parma ham, mozzarella, tomatoes and arugula
Php 330.00

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