Traditional and authentic Swiss Cuisine

The following Swiss dishes are a culinary journey across Switzerland to taste the genuine and sumptuous regional Swiss dishes. Come and enjoy one of these unique Swiss specialties Alfredo have selected and created for you.

Rösti is the most widely used side dish in the Swiss German Cuisine. The most famous dish in Basel is the Basler Mehlsuppe (flour soup), which is traditionally served at carnival, as well as the Tomatensuppe (tomato soup) and Berne contributes to the Swiss Cuisine specialties based on meat and cheese, such as the Sennenrösti (rösti topped with pork steak, tomatoes, apple and over-backed with swiss mountain cheese), Rindsrouladen (with bacon, gruyere, onions, pickles and bell pepper stuffed beef fillet rolls), as well as the Käse Sandwich and Schinken Käse Sandwich (Cheese & Ham Cheese sandwich).

Käse Sandwich (Vegetarian)
house bread topped with cheese, salad leaf’s, tomatoes, vegi, pickles 

Php 390.00

Schinken Käse Sandwich
house bread topped with Ham & cheese, salad leaf’s, vegi, pickles Php 390.00

Basler Mehlsuppe (Vegetarian)
roasted flour, wine, onions, grated cheese served with bread
Php 290.00 with Bacon Php 350.00

Tomatensuppe (Vegetarian)
tomatoes, onions, basil, garnished with grated cheese served with bread
Php 320.00

with smoked bacon, gruyere, onions, pickles and bell pepper stuffed beef fillet on a delicate wine rosemary sauce, served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables
Php 620.00

pork loin medallions on apple and rösti, over backed with swiss mountain cheese
Php 690.00

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