Traditional and authentic Swiss Cuisine

The following Swiss dishes are a culinary journey across Switzerland to taste the genuine and sumptuous regional Swiss dishes. Come and enjoy one of these unique Swiss specialties Alfredo have selected and created for you.

The most popular specialty in Zurich is the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, which is served with Rösti. Wurst-Käsesalat, Crevetten Cocktail, Beef Tartar, Cordon-Bleu, Rahmschnitzel mit Nudeln and the Schweinssteak with herbed butter. The St. Galler Bratwurst and the Schüblig are one of the most know Sausages in Switzerland and they are always served with bread.

Grüner Salat (Vegetarian) 
green leaf’s, mustard mayo vinaigrette with bread
smallPhp 190.00
large Php 260.00

Grüner Salat mit Ei (Vegetarian)
green leaf’s with egg, mustard mayo vinaigrette with bread

smallPhp 210.00
largePhp 280.00

Gemischter Salat (Vegetarian)
green leaf’s with tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots with bread
smallPhp 290.00
largePhp 360.00

Wurst Käse Salat
green leaf’s, swiss sausage (cervelat), cheese, onion rings, bell peppers, 
tomatoes, pickles and parsley with a mustard vinaigrette, served with fresh baked bread

smallPhp 490.00
RegularPhp 690.00

Crevetten Cocktail
prawns, green leaf’s, homemade cocktail sauce
Php 490.00

Beef Tartar 120g
minced raw us prime beef tenderloin prepared with onions, capers, seasonings, whisky or brandy, and a raw egg yolk, served with toasted bread

small (120g)Php 590.00
Regular (200g)Php 990.00

pork loin stuffed with cheese, ham, smoked bacon and fresh herbs. Served with butter noodles and mix seasonal vegetables or with mix salad and potato wedges

regularPhp 590.00
largePhp 790.00
extra largePhp 990.00

pan grilled, flambéed pork loin steaks served with a delicious mushroom cream, served with butter noodles and mix vegetables

regularPhp 590.00
largePhp 890.00

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes
hand-shredded pork loin, mushrooms, parsley, deglaze with white wine and cream, served with butter rösti (swiss potato cake)

regularPhp 690.00
largePhp 990.00

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