Italian Cuisine Cucina Italiana

Traditional typical authentic Italian Cuisine

Why to eat at Da Alfredo's traditional, authentic Italian specialties?

Alfredo is the son of an Italian mother and Swiss father and his heart beats for both countries. Since early age his mother has shown Alfredo how to cook tasty healthy food, but more important she had taught Alfredo how to cook food with love and care. This hobby became later a passion and this passion he brought with joy to the Philippines to the Swiss Italian Restaurant in Cordova Cebu and now to Da Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant in Malapasqua which continues this heritage, by preparing all dishes, delightfully in front of the guestsfront cooking”, with love, care and great dedication!

At the Da Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant, you discover a choice of authentic, typical and regional Italian Dishes, Italian Wine, Grappa and Liqueur.

Over the past few centuries, Italian food has become the most popular food in the world, inclusive here in the Philippines. And it’s proven today, that millions of people around the world eat pizza and pasta every day, which is Authentic Italian Food. Another fact is that today Real and Authentic Italian Cuisine is known as: the art of eating well or in Italian l'arte di mangiare bene.

Why has Italian food become the most successful food in the world?
Because, Italian dishes are simple, tasty and healthy. They are always prepared with love, care and fresh ingredients.

For example, to cook a delicious, tasty pasta, Alfredo only needs a pan, few table spoons of extra virgin olive oil and fresh ingredients like ripe tomatoes, garlic, onions, chili, olives, herbs and if you like meat, fish or seafood. That's all what is needed to bring to the table in a few minutes the charm of a country called "l'arte di mangiare bene."

Da Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant made it a duty to prepare Pasta, bake Pizza and to cook all other dishes in the traditional Italian way, directly in front of the guests "front cooking" using fresh and only original Italian ingredients.