Granita Siciliana

Traditional and authentic Sicilian Frozen Drinks

What is Granita?

Granita Siciliana is a typical Sicilian frozen drink. It’s a semi-frozen liquid based on water, sugar, fruit or fruit juice. This dessert or better frozen drink is different from sorbet as it has a grainier texture, hence the name granita.

The origin of Granita

Granita dates to the Arab occupation of Sicily. The Arabs brought with them the recipe mentioned above named sherbet, an iced drink made with fruit juice or rose water.

During the winter, snow was taken from the slopes of Etna to be stored throughout the year in cold rooms which were built in stone above natural caves. In the summer, people were using this ice to cover it with fruit or flower syrup.

The granita was adopted by several countries under different names, including in the United States, where it is known as Snow Cone. In Spain, it is called Granizado. In Malaysia and Singapore, you will find it under the name Kacang. In Thailand, it will be Kang Nam Sai, and Halo Halo in the Philippines.

Cucumber-LimePhp 90.00cucumber, fruit pulp, lime, sugar and crashed ice
GrapefruitPhp 80.00
grapefruit, fruit pulp & zest, sugar and crashed ice
MangoPhp 80.00mango, fruit pulp, lemon, sugar syrup and crashed ice
PomegranatePhp 80.00pomegranate, fruit pulp, lemon, sugar syrup and crashed ice
Root BeerPhp 80.00root beer, sugar and crashed ice
SangriaPhp 90.00sangria, fruit pulp, lemon, sugar syrup, crashed ice
Water MelonPhp 80.00water melon, fruit pulp, lemon, sugar syrup, crashed ice

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