Frutti Mare Seafood

Traditional and authentic Italian Seafood & Fish Specialties

Traditional unique Seafood and Fish Specialties

Along Italy’s coastal areas – like in the Philippines, every evening small boats leave the ports, to provide the local and regional markets with fresh fish and seafood for the next morning. And on land, people know how to use the catch, preparing exciting recipes.

Da Alfredo's Swiss Italian German Restaurant Malapascua offers few but traditional and unique delicious Seafood and Fish Dishes, which we prepare with fresh ingredients in front of our guests. For more Italian Fish Specialties, call Alfredo at 0977 031 5400 (Globe) or 0929 781 0228 (Smart), he will be glad to offer you a special and delicious fresh seafood and fish specialties. 

Cozze Gratinate
8 pieces with cheese, garlic, parsley over backed mussels, served with bread
8 pcs Php 320.00; 12 pcs Php 480.00

Gamberi al Limone e Prezzemolo
in olive oil with garlic, lemon juice and parsley pan fried prawns, served on a bed of salad leaf’s with tomatoes and freshly baked bread
Php 520.00

Gamberi alla Marinara
in a delicious homemade tomato sauce with green and hot red chilies simmered prawns, garnished with parsley and served with linguine or spaghetti
Php 560.00

Polpo alla griglia
(Grilled Baby Octopus)

served on a bed of green leaves and lemon, served with bread

Php 490.00

Alici indorate e fritte
(Fried Anchovies)
fresh anchovies battered with flour and egg, fried in olive oil, served with mixed green geen leaves, cherry tomatoes

Php 390.00 

Pesce alla Griglia
(Grilled Fish)
with rosemary and fresh oregano, stuffed fish, marinated in a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, then grilled at perfection and served with lemon slices and in garlic sautéed spinach topped with parmesan cheese, served with freshly baked housbread
Php 160.00 / 100g

Trancio di Tonno
with lemon and capers marinated, then pan grilled tuna steak. Served withrisotto al Rosmarino and lemon slice
Php 190.00 / 100g

Additional side dishes:
- Rosemary potato wedges Php 150.00
- French fries Php 150.00
- Spaghetti or linguine with homemade
   tomato home sauce Php 220.00
- Mixed green leaves Php 190.00
- Mixed green leaves with cherry
   tomatoes Php 240.00
- Homemade bread Php 50.00/portion

For informations and reservations call or text to: +63 977 031 5400 (Globe) or +63 929 781 0228 (Smart)

PRICES & INGREDIENTS may change without prior notice!