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Da Alfredo we serve fresh Juices

real italian cofee and tea

Real Italian Coffee

Real Italian Coffee

Caffé EspressoPhp   80.00 per cup
Caffé Late
90.00 per cup
Caffé Espresso corretto
160.00 per cup
Grappa, Sambuca, Amaretto

Php   80.00 per cup



Kafi Luz

Swiss Coffee

Kafischnaps (Coffee, Kirsch in Glas) Php 120.00 per glas
Kafi Luz (Coffee, Aquavit in Glas)
Php 120.00 per glas
...with Whipped Cream

Fresh Fruit Juices 
Healthy Juices

Fresh Juices

Orange, Carrots Juice      Php 160.00
Cuccumer Juice   
Orange Juice 
Apple Juice 
Pinapple Juice      
Watermelon Juice    

Healthy Juices for Immunity, Inflammation & Detoxification

Daily Green
Cucumber, Roman Lettuce, Parsley & Garliceric, Onions,Garlic

Php 150.00

Get Better
Apple, Carrots, Cucumber, Ginger, Turmeric, Onions,Garlic

Php 190.00

Bye bye Inflamation
Cucumber, Apple, Turmeric, Onions

Php 170.00

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PRICES & INGREDIENTS may change without prior notice!