Grill Barbecue

Authentic Traditional Swiss & Italian BBQ Specialties
"The Art of Eating Well and Healty"

Grill & Barbecue "BBQ"

Grilling has existed in the Europe since pre-Colonial times. They roasted meat on a wooden structure called a “barbacoa” in Spanish. For centuries, the term “barbacoa” referred to the wooden structure and not the act of grilling, but it was eventually modified to "barbecue".

We at the Swiss Italian German Restaurant will prepare "GREAT STEAKS" using the "Beefer" a HIGH HEAT GRILL that does things a differently. It's powered by infrared heat from top-mounted ceramic burners.

When we say high heat, we really mean it. Beefer reaches over 800 degrees celsius or 1,500 degrees, compare that to a typical grill that can hit around 250-300 degrees celsius or 500-600 degrees, in just minutes.

That is the magic temperature for getting top results when grilling protein like steak. It sears flavors in and creates a crispy, caramelized crust on meat in seconds. It cooks quickly and evenly to a perfect juicy doneness, same goes for pork, chicken and seafood. It works with veggies, too.

Our Offerr:
Beef               Ribe eye, Sirloin, Tenderloin and T-Bone
Wagyu Beef  Rumpfilet 8+ Marble Score, Chuck Eye Roll Steak 7 Silber Label  
Pork               Porkloin, Pork Chops and Ribs
Chicken         Leg
Seafood        Jumbo Prawns
Vegetables   Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Eggplant

Inclusive Side Dish:

Cooked Seasonal Vegetables with homemade bread;

Additional Side Dishes

BratkartoffelnPhp  80.00 
Pommes Frittes (French Fries)Php  80.00
Potato WedgesPhp  80.00
SpätzlePhp  80.00
Mixed Green LeavesPhp 60.00
Mixed Green Leaves with Cherry TomatoesPhp 90.00
Lemon Php 80.00 / 1/2 Php 40.00
Homemade Bread Php 40.00 / portion

Butter & Sauces

Aioli, Béarnaise, Café de Paris
Kräuterbutter (Herbed Butter) 
Truffle Butter
Truffle Oil
Php 50.00
Php 60.00
Php 80.00
Php 90.00

Vegetarian Grill Plate

Vegetarian Grill Mix incl. one Salad, Potatoes or Pasta and Butter & SaucesPhp 130.00/100g

Beef "Backpackers Steak"

Beef Tenderloin SteakPhp  220.00/100gYoung Beef, Grain Feed (min. 60 days)

Finest Angus Beef

Tenderloin, Sirloin, RibeyePhp 530.00/100g Grain Feed (min. 200 days)
Php 590.00/100g

Grain Feed (min. 200 days)

Wagyu Beef (HALAL)

Rumpfilet Black Label  8+                      Php 690.00/100g 
400 day, Long Grain Feed
Chuck Eye Roll Steak 7 Silber Label     Php  810.00/100g400 day, Long Grain Feed


Pork Chop
Pork Ribs
Php 220.00/100g
Php 270.00/100g

Php 240.00/100g

Breast & Legs

Php 160.00/100g

Jumbo Prawns Php 390.00/100g

For informations and reservations call or text to: +63 977 031 5400 (Globe) or +63 929 781 0228 (Smart)

PRICES & INGREDIENTS may change without prior notice!